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Matsuura Website - hereinafter referred to as "the Website", is for the purpose to broaden business activities and product features through the business information of Matsuura Machinery Corporation disclosed in the website. Planning, producing, managing, and controlling are all in charge of Matsuura Machinery Corporation.

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The property and the copyright for the contents within this Website belong to Matsuura Machinery Corporation. Reprinting, selling, and/or redistributing of the contents without authorization is not permitted.

About Our Link Website

There are no restrictions on linking to our website. However, except for the home page, the addresses may be changed without prior notice. This website does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any outcome customers may get in connection with the links this website provides.

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Matsuura website collects personal information of the visitor from the cookie. Cookie will be recorded in the visitor′s computer, when visiting our website. However, personal information that verifies the individual, such as the visitor′s name or e-mail, will not be recorded. Matsuura uses the information to customize the advertising and content you see, and improve our website contents. To learn more about cookies, please refer to the support page on the Microsoft website, located here.

Customer Information on MATSUURA News

On our website, we introduce our customers in the (visiting our user) page. The personal and group information of these customers in these contents are edited, issued, distributed, and released by the interviewer and the editor upon the first-person informed consent. We will not purposely disclose these sites to individual or association who is not authorized as our partner.